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Group IFS Consultation

Group IFS Consultation

we’re better together…

Are you passionate about Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and eager to deepen your expertise? Do you crave a supportive community of like-minded professionals who can help you grow as a therapist? Look no further – our IFS Consultation Group in Santa Rosa, California, is the perfect opportunity for you.

As an experienced LMFT and Certified IFS Therapist, I understand the transformative potential of this incredible approach. I’ve spent years helping individuals and couples gain access to their essential selves and feel confident, compassionate and clear about who they truly are through IFS. Now, I’m thrilled to invite you to join our monthly consultation group to share our knowledge and passion for IFS therapy. This group is co-led by myself and Erin Andersen, LMFT, IFS Certified Therapist.

What You’ll Gain from Our Consultation Group:

In-Depth IFS Exploration: Dive deep into the principles and techniques of Internal Family Systems therapy, exploring its nuances and applications in different contexts and help with bringing IFS to life with your particular clients.

Case Consultation: Share and discuss your challenging cases with a group of experienced therapists. Get valuable insights and fresh perspectives to enhance your application of the IFS model with the clients you work with and deepen your IFS skills. We may also utilize demonstrations in the group so that you can learn about implementing IFS experientially as well.

Peer Support: Connect with a community of fellow therapists who share your enthusiasm for IFS therapy. Benefit from the collective wisdom and support of your peers. You may also find it beneficial to create an outside practice group with like-minded IFS therapists!

Professional Growth: Elevate your practice to the next level. Our consultation group will help you refine your therapeutic approach and boost your confidence as an IFS therapist. We truly are better together!

Explore Therapist Parts: Our group is a safe space to explore the range of therapist parts that can become activated while experiencing the energies our clients bring to the room. Identifying, witnessing and learning from these parts so that you can” unblend” from them is a wonderful skill that IFS therapists bring to their work. Ultimately, you will gain more of your own SELF energy when working with clients, which will allow them to access and feel their own SELF energy as well!

Our consultation group meets monthly for two hours, creating a consistent space for learning, growth, and connection. Groups are held in-person and are booked in 4-month increments. Registration is for 8 hours of consultation for $560 total and is payable in full during registration. Whether you’re new to IFS therapy or have years of experience, you’re welcome here. Our diverse group of therapists creates a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone.

If you’re ready to take your IFS therapy practice to new heights and connect with a community of passionate therapists, join us in our IFS Consultation Group. Together, we’ll continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients.

Interested in joining? We’d love to meet you for a brief 15-20 minute consultation call to learn more about each other! Email to find a time that works for you: or you can call me: 707-536-5069

Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and growth together. I look forward to welcoming you to our IFS Consultation Group.