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Therapy for Sexual Wellbeing

Therapy for Sexual Wellbeing

Sex, for both individuals and couples, can feel like an overwhelming and impossible subject to approach. Even for many therapists, it can feel like a challenging topic to work with and openly explore. But it has been my experience that helping clients to reclaim their essential selves through their sexual expression is quite empowering and healing.

Sadly, our sexuality has frequently been an area of our lives that has been repeatedly and systematically shamed and wounded from various and multiple sources from childhood and into adulthood. Covert and overt shaming, abuse and assault, media, family, religious and cultural messages about sexuality have left us feeling disconnected, disembodied, and often confused about our own sexuality and sexual expression.

Many people seeking therapy for increasing their sexual wellbeing are exploring the following issues both inside and outside of relationship:

  • Erotic shame
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Sexual orientation and identity
  • Kink and other “unconventional” interests
  • Sexual “addiction” and other secrets
  • Desire discrepancies between partners
  • Erection concerns
  • Pleasure and orgasm challenges
  • Overall sense of sexual wellbeing

Having accessible, alive and energizing sexual life-force is essential to our full expression as humans. While it may not feel that easy to access for some, we can revitalize and heal this area of our life. Sometimes the hardest part is just starting to talk about it! Let me help you bring some open and curious attention to this often neglected and overlooked aspect of our physical and emotional lives.

For couples struggling with sexual issues and challenges, I am here to help you! Sexual difficulties, like desire discrepancies, differences in turn ons and turn offs, pornography use, sexual betrayals, orgasm issues, and other challenges can feel like power struggles or “no win” situations where one partner feels they are suffering unfairly. These issues can be addressed in therapy in ways that are hard to do on our own. We shouldn’t have to chose between emotional intimacy and eroticism – nor do we have to live in a sexless relationship. These difficulties are faced by many couples – you are not alone – and they can be resolved, even if that seems impossible from where you stand now…

Let me offer you some practical tools and a comfortable and safe space to explore what is happening between the two of you so we can find a new path through it and bring the fireworks back into your bedroom!