AMFT # 115254

Taking a step into the unknown can feel intimidating, but you are searching for a reason. It has been an honor to accompany my client’s on their journey to seek their own truth and understanding, helping to restructure a life of emotional pain and confusion into an empowering experience that feels safe and full of hope. It is my belief that all emotional suffering can be relieved through loving and healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Providing a safe space for our emotional healing through psychotherapy can be one of the most beneficial ways we can engage in self care for ourselves and our relationships.

I work with individual clients and couples collaboratively to heal wounds they have carried from their life experiences that have created unhealthy habits, thought processes and behaviors. By utilizing a variety of interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment based approaches, somatic modalities, internal family systems and psychoanalytic theories, the work we engaged in is uniquely integrated allowing for a holistic experience. I use compassion, empathy, assertiveness and humor while in the room with my clients and I most enjoy working with individuals and couples who are looking to expand their awareness of self and enhance their overall wellbeing.

I strive to practice cultural humility and work to be inclusive of diverse identities when working with individuals and couples. I have worked in the field of mental health since 2012 in a variety of rolesĀ from working with at-risk populations locally and internationally, facilitating therapeutic services in correctional facilities, as well as providing psychotherapy in community health settings and most recently working in private practice with Tatra.

To learn more about me, please visit my website at Jaimeburnside