AMFT #125625

Your decision to come to therapy is a brave one. Vulnerability is our superpower. As a therapist my commitment is to show up as my whole, real self with clients, and I invite you to do the same. Clients who gravitate toward me as a therapist tend to share a desire to know themselves with greater depth and kindness. I offer the opportunity to make connections between what has happened in the past and the impact on the present, while also consistently highlighting strengths and what is working well. These skills can assist us in weathering issues like anxiety, depression, addiction and co-dependency, chronic illness, and challenging or fractured relationships. It is an honor to witness clients appreciate more of themselves, deepen the relationship with themselves and their loved ones, and create a path to a life they want, they like, and feel they are choosing.

My presence can be described as curious, interactive, collaborative, and authentic. I meet people with allyship, with particular sensitivity to identities and populations that are systemically and socially unallowed/unexpected to take up the same amount of space and value as others. I work with individuals (adults/children/teens), in addition to couples and families. I have a particular affinity for working with couples and am skillful in holding more than one person or experience at a time, while allowing validity and equality for all perspectives. I enjoy collaborating with partners to unearth and heal wounds, re-pattern unhelpful dynamics, rebuild trust, and develop healthy communication. It is my hope that through our engagement together, you will find ways to move through conflict with calm and clarity, feeling heard and understood by each other. And that by coming together in a focused way, you feel valued by each other, and this may open the path toward strong long-lasting bonds of acceptance, safety, and fun.

I currently work in both private practice and a community mental health setting, and have specialized training in suicide prevention and crisis response.

To learn more about me, please visit my website at www.therapywithlouisamackintosh.com