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It is your birthright to live an uninhibited and impassioned life. It is my privilege and passion as a psychotherapist to help you embody this by facilitating your sense of both freedom and fulfillment within your life and relationships. I embrace individuals and couples from all walks of life, joining them wherever they are in their journey; I maintain sensitivity to cultural and lifestyle preferences, and have a strength-based, positive psychology approach.

As relational beings, we develop differently based on our unique life experiences, including within our relationships. Varied experiences can lead to dissimilar perspectives and/or approaches to life, relationships, and communication in general; therefore, conflict is an inevitable product of authentic relationships. Often, conflict can be harnessed into opportunities for transformation, where we can learn from one another in a contained, therapeutic setting. When working with couples, I provide practical interventions from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), supporting each partner in communicating the underlying needs connected to conflicts they choose to address in session. My humanistic, non-pathologizing, trauma-informed approach invites couples to identify destructive patterns within their relationship, making space for a shift towards constructive interactions which build intimacy and secure bonding. Other times, when partners feel they no longer want to stay together, it can be helpful to thoughtfully manage the separation, including grief around change and/or loss, with the guidance of a neutral and supportive ally.

Part of my clinical approach is informed by years of extensive training in several schools of yoga, including integrative yoga therapy. This foundation allows me to incorporate holistic healing practices into therapy sessions with my clients as needed and appropriate. Given more recent research linking the nervous system to emotional fluctuations, supporting somatic awareness during sessions becomes instrumental during times when material may not be as accessible or easy to articulate verbally. Mindfulness within session fosters your ability to continue that awareness outside of session as well, so that the growth regenerates long after therapy subsides.

I have a relational style, meaning I will openly offer reflections so that you never feel like you are talking to a blank wall or being judged. I value a relationship based on compassionate attunement, gentle curiosity, and meaningful connection. It is my hope that our work together can nurture deeper realizations, restore balance, and cultivate empowerment in your relationship to yourself and with others.

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“I believe in our innate capacity to confront and transform obstacles into sources of wisdom, power, and discovery.”
~Juko Holiday