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AMFT # 120344

In the 2 decades I’ve been helping people, clients often tell me they’ve felt authentically met and are able to hear and explore aspects about themselves that they’ve been unable to hear and look at with others, including their closest friends and family. They recognize only from this place can they begin to heal and grow. Whether this growth is a personal path or as part of a loving relationship that may need a 3rd pair of eyes to return to their best selves, I am deeply and joyfully committed to your process during our time together.

I work with clients exactly where they are. We will acknowledge the past and your history as a way of understanding where you are today. More importantly, from that place of kind accountability we can begin to move forward in life. Is communication your main issue? I can help. My greatest joy is being with a couple when defenses are dropped and they are able to hold and acknowledge the beauty of what they are doing together and forgive the places they’ve hurt each other and themselves. This capacity to hold both is the strongest pillar a couple can create to build a life together. Guess what? This same pillar is foundational to a personal sense of self and agency for individual clients as well.

I have been working with individuals and multiple configurations of people for over 20 years in long-term processes for true transformation of finding your place in the world. I love my work and am so looking forward to meeting you.

I hold an M.A. in Applied Linguistics as a specialist in deep listening and how we communicate our emotions. My 2nd M.A. is in Counseling and have focused my practice on couples and relationships through extensive study with Ellyn Bader and The Developmental Model of Relationships. This incredible framework allows us to determine what actual capacities are required for your relationship (or a future one) to be alive to the moment and grow deeply over time.

I am also certified in MBTI and the Enneagram and enjoy those conversations when and if they serve your therapeutic goals. I am proud to have been a student of Wendy Palmer and her Leadership Embodiment training. We will always include the body in our work together as it is never separate from our thoughts and feelings. I have studied healing shame with Janina Fisher and healing collective trauma with Thomas Hubl.

If you’re interested in taking the next step, please reach out and email me at, and we can find a convenient time to discuss how I can support you at this time. You can also learn more about me and my therapeutic approach at