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Teen and Family Therapy Services

Teen and Family Therapy Services

We are offering in-person therapy and support for Teenagers and Families. We understand the unique challenges that teenagers and families face in today’s modern, fast-paced and demanding world. Our therapy approach is tailored to address these specific needs, providing a safe and supportive environment where teens and/or their families can share and explore their concerns and work towards healing underlying dynamics that will lead to positive changes for everyone.

So often our teens feel alone in their own experience and as a result, can feel despair, despondent, overwhelmed and without a clear sense of grounded self-connection. Having a private space where they can freely process all that is going on around them is incredibly relieving and stabilizing. Our teens need this safe space more than ever and they report a renewed sense of aliveness and capacity to engage their own dreams and passions after working with us!

We believe in a collaborative and strengths-based approach to therapy, where we partner with teens and their families to identify goals and develop much-needed tools and strategies for achieving them. Our therapists utilize evidence-based techniques like IFS, EFT, CBT and DBT to name a few, and will utilize the most appropriate therapeutic modalities to meet the diverse needs of our clients. But at the heart of any approach we might apply, is our clarity, compassion and knowledge about what healthy relationships look (and feel!) like – how they function well and what gets in the way of that.

Why Teen and Family Therapy?

Teenage years are a time of significant change and growth, but they can also be accompanied by incredibly difficult pain points. Family dynamics play a crucial role in a teenager’s well-being, and addressing issues within the family system can lead to lasting improvements for everyone involved. By seeking therapy together as a family, you can strengthen relational bonds, improve communication, and build resilience to face life’s on-going challenges. We start our families with the best of intentions and hopes of closeness, strong connections, easy and clear communication and a desire to love and feel loved! We can help you create just that!

Family therapy can involve many different combinations and configurations of parent/child pairs – we are flexible in collaborating with you on what would work best for everyone!

Therapy services for teens struggling with any of the following concerns (and more!):

  • Academic Stress
  • Friendship Changes & Bullying
  • ADHD & Neurodiversity
  • Eating & Body Image
  • Risk-taking Behaviors
  • Cutting & Self-Harm
  • Identity Concerns

Family Therapy will help with:

  • Reduce arguing & increase connection
  • Reconnecting and enjoying more family time
  • Resolving conflicts, worry & stress
  • Navigating life transitions with calmness & joy

If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing and connection, we’re here to help.

Reach out today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our teen and family therapy services. We’ve got you (and your family) covered!


Children of divorce are very likely to experience profound grief. The world they had come to rely on and develop their identities around has been turned upside down and inside out. Changes in routine and family dynamics are often destabilizing and confusing. For many children one or both parents will be absent at times when they had previously been present. Divorce can trigger stress, anxiety or depression in children, and may even impact academic and social development as well. With our support, families can actually absolutely minimize the impact of separation and divorce on their children's mental health. Co-parenting therapy can help lessen conflict and promote collaboration, as a family creatively redefines their family structure. Single parents often carry increased burdens and may need support to develop healthy strategies to regain their balance and feel empowered. And children may benefit from individual therapy where they can find an impartial and compassionate adult to listen and validate their experience, ultimately developing resilience, self-esteem and strategies to navigate the new family system. We are here for any combination of therapies that may be helpful to allow the family, individually and collectively, to redefine itself in a way that clarifies the love, connection and stability remain central and as strong as ever, even though the structure of the family has changed.

Supporting families through a teenager's struggle with disordered eating can be incredibly daunting. We offer compassionate individual and family therapy tailored to address these complex issues with you. At the core of disordered eating is a sense that "I am not good enough just as I am…" that the food is an effort to cope with. The relationship to food and body becomes a solution to what feels like an unsolvable problem and our therapeutic approach seeks to change root cause into something that can be addressed directly! Along the way, we provide valuable resources and referrals to assist with effective case management, ensuring you can access the support you need at every step. We treat eating disorders from a Family Systems approach, understanding that these struggles often involve complex dynamics within the family unit itself. Our clinicians have experience treating both the person struggling with eating and their family members, helping everyone to understand the pain, discomfort, fear and disconnection the eating disorder is actually speaking for. In this way, we deeply recognize that eating disorders impact the entire family. In addition to working with eating disorders, we also address general body image issues and the effects of social media on our children and teens, particularly in this post-COVID era.

We all want the best for our children and have so many hopes and dreams for how their true essence and natures will manifest. From a place of positive intentions, as parents we work to connect their talents and strengths with real-world applications that will support our kids to becoming the best version of themselves! Unfortunately, this can actually back-fire in unhealthy ways and our kids end up feeling less intrinsic motivation, more depression, stress and anxiety, and a deep sense of "not enoughness" that can lead to higher risk behaviors and even self-harming. What began as a hope for the best has become a hard-driving internal critic that loops on thoughts of "broken" "defective" "not good enough" that are deeply painful and even paralyzing. This was never the intention and yet our teens are often living under intense pressure from deep within themselves to attain the kind of success and achievement that we wanted for them and that has been cultivated as a dream for their own lives. We are here to help! We can relieve the pressure and allow for more room for who we really are to unfold and manifest our true potential without the internal criticism as the constant accompaniment. Healthy success is possible when it comes from a sense of wellbeing, wholeness and enough freedom of choice to feel trustworthy of self-leadership which our teen and family therapy seeks to provide.